Rice from the Mekong Delta

KTC’s clean, high-quality rice is selected from clean rice fields that cultivate 1 crop of shrimp and 1 secondary crop of rice in U Minh area of Kien Giang province and are produced by current closed modern production lines through strict quality control stages, bringing a source of clean, delicious, high-quality rice that meets export standards - ensuring the health of consumers.
4 Things that make 
the delicious taste 
of KTC rice
01. Cultivate one crop of shrimp and one crop of rice to help the soil to be both clean and rich in natural nutrients.
02. U Minh Thuong region, which is favored by nature, is the top rice growing area in the Mekong Delta.
03. Seeds are uniform, of uniform quality, without mixing.
04. No bleaching chemicals, no fragrances
Price: 160.000 vnd/ 5kg
Price: 135.000 vnd/ 5kg
Price: 100.000 vnd/ 5kg
Price: 115.000 vnd/ 5kg